Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips for Cross Dominant Archers

For cross-dominant archers, it’s important to determine which eye is dominant. This will help with accuracy and overall performance.

As an archer, understanding eye dominance is essential. Eye dominance refers to the eye that your brain favors when it comes to processing visual information. In cross-dominant archers, the dominant eye and the dominant hand are on opposite sides of the body, which can lead to misalignment and decreased accuracy.

This is why it’s important to determine which eye is dominant and train your brain to use that eye when aiming. In this article, we’ll explore tips on how cross-dominant archers can improve their accuracy and overall performance.

Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips for Cross-Dominant Archers


Understanding Eye Dominance In Archery

Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips For Cross-Dominant Archers

Have you ever noticed that one eye seems to be dominant over the other? It’s a common phenomenon known as eye dominance, and it plays a crucial role in archery. For example, if you’re right-handed and left-eye dominant, you might find it challenging to aim correctly.

This blog post will explore how to understand eye dominance in archery and how cross-dominant archers can overcome any potential challenges they might face.

Definition Of Eye Dominance In Archery

Eye dominance is the tendency to rely more on one eye than the other when aiming at a target. In archery, it’s essential to know which eye is dominant to aim accurately. Eye dominance is not related to your dominant hand, and it’s possible to be right-handed but left-eye dominant.

Left Vs. Right Eye Dominance

There are two types of eye dominance: left-eye dominant and right-eye dominant. Determining which eye is dominant is essential to aim correctly in archery. Here are a few ways to test which eye is dominant:

  • The miles test: Hold your hands in front of you and create a small triangle by overlapping your thumbs and index fingers. Choose an object in the distance to focus on, and bring the triangle towards your face. The eye that lines up with the object is your dominant eye.
  • The porta test: Hold your hands in front of you, and create a small circle by overlapping your index fingers and thumbs. Focus on an object, and bring the circle towards your face. Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you’re right-eye dominant. If the object disappears, you’re left-eye dominant.

Potential Challenges For Cross-Dominant Archers

Cross-dominance occurs when your dominant eye is opposite your dominant hand. Cross-dominant archers may face a few challenges when aiming, including difficulty aligning the sight as the dominant eye is not on the same side as the bow. Here are some tips to help cross-dominant archers overcome potential challenges:

  • Close one eye: Closing the non-dominant eye can help cross-dominant archers aim more accurately. However, this technique reduces depth perception and can affect judging distance.
  • Shoot with the non-dominant hand: Although it may feel awkward at first, shooting with the non-dominant hand can improve accuracy and consistency for cross-dominant archers.
  • Use a peep sight: A peep sight can help align the sight with the dominant eye in cross-dominant archers, improving accuracy.

Understanding eye dominance is an essential aspect of archery. As a cross-dominant archer, you may face challenges, but with the right technique and equipment, you can improve your accuracy and consistency.

Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips For Cross-Dominant Archers

Do you ever struggle with aiming accurately when practicing archery? It may not always come down to practice, posture or even draw length. In fact, the culprit could be as simple as your eye dominance. In this post, we explore what cross-dominance is, how to tell if you are cross-dominant and the ways in which it can affect your shooting technique as an archer.

What Is Cross-Dominance In Archery?

Cross-dominance occurs when your dominant eye is on the opposite side of your dominant hand. This condition is quite common in individuals and affects around 30% of the general population. In archery, cross-dominance can hugely impact your aim while shooting and can cause frustration when trying to hit targets.

How To Determine If You Are Cross-Dominant

There are a few simple tests to help you determine your eye dominance. These include:

  • Pointing test: Hold your hands up while keeping your arms extended and palms facing away from you. Create a small triangular gap with your fingers and try to focus on a distant object through the gap. Close your left eye. If you can still see the object, then you are right-eye dominant. If you cannot view the object, you are left-eye dominant.
  • Triangle test: Hold both of your hands together to create a small triangular window with the thumbs and fingers. While keeping both eyes open, focus on a faraway object with the triangle. Close one eye and then open the other. If the object remains in the same place while looking through the triangle, you’re using the dominant eye. However, if the object seems to shift, you’re using the non-dominant eye.

Understanding How Cross-Dominance Affects Your Shooting Technique

Cross-dominance may have a significant impact on your archery technique. Due to the way the brain processes information, you may find yourself aiming with your weaker eye, constraining your visual focus and depth perception. Here are some tips to help you enhance your archery technique:

  • Close your non-dominant eye: One of the easiest ways to correct for cross-dominance is to close your non-dominant eye while aiming for the target. Doing so will allow your dominant eye to take over, improving your aim.
  • Rotate your head: Instead of closing your non-dominant eye, try rotating your head until your dominant eye is in line with the bow’s string. This will help you aim more effectively while maintaining your vision and depth perception.
  • Use a sight: Many archers who struggle with cross-dominance utilize a sight, which can help compensate for inconsistencies in aiming. By using a sight, you can improve your aim and hit targets more consistently which will increase your confidence as well.

To sum up, eye dominance can have a huge impact on your archery technique. Determining whether you’re cross-dominant or not is easy, and the tips we’ve mentioned can help you improve your technique to hit targets with confidence. Practice these techniques regularly, and soon you will see the improvement in your accuracy.

Techniques For Cross-Dominant Archers

Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips For Cross-Dominant Archers

Archery is a sport that requires precision and accuracy, making it essential to determine your dominant eye. Cross-dominance is a circumstance where your dominant eye differs from your dominant hand, making it problematic for archers. As a cross-dominant archer, you might face difficulty in targeting and aiming, affecting your overall performance.

Fear not, we have compiled some techniques that can help you enhance your shooting.

Modify Your Shooting Technique

Modifying your shooting technique can be the key to improving your precision and accuracy. Some techniques that cross-dominant archers can adopt are:

  • Anchor point modification: Adjusting your anchor point can help you move your dominant eye directly behind the bowstring, improving your view of the target.
  • Head tilt correction: Tilting your head to the dominant eye’s side can help you get a better view, and adjusting your head position can improve your stance.
  • Finger positioning: Try changing the positioning of your finger on the bowstring, according to your dominant eye.

Closing An Eye Versus Using An Eye Patch

Closing your eye or using an eye patch is another technique that cross-dominant archers can adopt to enhance their shooting. If you don’t want to make any substantial adjustments to your shooting technique, you can consider closing your non-dominant eye or using an eye patch to enhance your dominant eye’s vision.

Here are some advantages of these techniques:

  • Improved depth perception: Closing the non-dominant eye or using an eye patch can improve range estimation and depth perception.
  • Enhanced accuracy: By focusing on the target through your dominant eye, archers can enhance their shooting precision and accuracy.

Making Adjustments To Your Bow

Another factor that cross-dominant archers need to consider is making adjustments to their bow. Getting a comfortable bow that fits you is crucial, and making the following additional adjustments can help improve your shooting:

  • Adjusting the peep sight position: Adjusting the peep sight position can help you align your sight with your dominant eye.
  • Adjusting the bow’s cant: Tilting your bow according to your dominant eye can help you get a better view of the target, enhancing your shooting experience.

Cross-dominant archers have various techniques that they can adopt to improve their shooting. Experiment with different approaches and find what works best for you. With consistent practice and proper techniques, you can become an expert cross-dominant archer.

Tools And Accessories For Cross-Dominant Archers

Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips For Cross-Dominant Archers

Archery is a sport that requires precision, accuracy, and focus. However, cross-dominant archers (those who have a dominant eye opposite their dominant hand) face unique challenges. Here are some tips and tools to help cross-dominant archers improve their aim and marksmanship.

Custom Arrows And Bow Sights

Custom arrows and bow sights are an excellent way to improve accuracy for cross-dominant archers. Here’s how custom arrows and bow sights can help:

  • Custom arrows can be made to suit the archer’s specific needs and preferences, taking into account factors like draw length, poundage, and arrow length.
  • Bow sights can be adjusted to accommodate the archer’s cross-dominant eye. For example, a left-handed bow sight can be adjusted for a right-handed bow shooter who has a dominant right eye.

Choosing The Right Eye Patch Or Glasses

Using an eye patch or glasses can help cross-dominant archers by blocking the dominant eye. Here’s what you should consider when choosing the right eye patch or glasses:

  • Look for an eye patch or glasses that are comfortable and can be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort.
  • Choose an eye patch or glasses that fit well and won’t move around while shooting. This will ensure that your vision isn’t impeded.
  • Make sure that the eye patch or glasses block out enough light to prevent the dominant eye from taking over.

Alternatives To Eye Dominance-Based Shooting Techniques

Finally, cross-dominant archers may need to adopt alternative shooting techniques that don’t rely on eye dominance. Here are some examples of alternative shooting techniques:

  • Shooting with both eyes open. This technique requires a bit of practice, but it can help to eliminate the bias of the dominant eye.
  • Shooting with a center-shot bow. A center-shot bow is designed to shoot arrows down the centerline of the bow, reducing the effect of eye dominance on aim.

Cross-dominant archers have unique challenges when it comes to archery. However, by using custom arrows and bow sights, the right eye patch or glasses, and alternative shooting techniques, cross-dominant archers can improve their aim and be successful in this challenging sport.

Helpful Exercises And Drills For Cross-Dominant Archers

Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips For Cross-Dominant Archers

Are you a cross-dominant archer looking to improve your skills? It can be challenging to develop consistent form when your dominant hand is different from your dominant eye. Fortunately, there are many exercises and drills you can do to overcome this obstacle.

Here are some helpful tips to strengthen your non-dominant eye, build muscle memory through repetitive drills, and practice with a partner or coach.

Strengthening Your Non-Dominant Eye

One of the biggest challenges for cross-dominant archers is training their non-dominant eye to focus properly. Here are some exercises you can do to help strengthen your non-dominant eye:

  • Eye patch: Wearing an eye patch over your dominant eye forces your non-dominant eye to take over and learn to focus properly.
  • Finger exercise: Hold your index finger about 6 inches away from your non-dominant eye. Focus on your finger, then slowly move it closer to your face before moving it back out. Repeat this exercise several times a day to help your eye adjust.
  • Lazy 8’s: Using a pen or pencil, draw an infinity symbol (lazy 8) in front of your face, focusing on the pen’s point. Do this exercise several times a day to help your eye focus properly.

Building Muscle Memory Through Repetitive Drills

Building muscle memory is crucial for archery. Repetitive drills help train your muscles to perform the same motion consistently. Here are some drills to help build muscle memory:

  • Blank bale shooting: Set up a target at a close distance, like 5-10 yards, and practice shooting without aiming. This drill helps you focus on your form and build muscle memory.
  • Form shooting: Set up a target at a reasonable distance and focus on your form. Practice drawing your bow, aiming, and releasing repeatedly to build consistent muscle memory.
  • Spt (shot placement training): Set up a smaller target and aim for specific areas. This drill helps you build muscle memory for shot placement.

Practicing With A Partner Or Coach

Practicing with a partner or coach can be incredibly helpful for cross-dominant archers. Here’s how:

  • Feedback: A partner or coach can give you feedback on your form and technique, helping you identify areas for improvement.
  • Competition: Practicing with someone else can be motivational, pushing you to work harder and improve your skills.
  • Drills: A partner or coach can help you with the drills mentioned above, making it easier to focus on your form and technique.

Hopefully, these exercises and drills will help you improve your archery skills as a cross-dominant archer. Practice consistently, and you’ll start to see results over time!

Frequently Asked Questions On Archery And Eye Dominance: Tips For Cross-Dominant Archers

What Is Cross-Dominance In Archery And How Does It Affect Shooting Accuracy?

Cross-dominance is when a person’s dominant eye and hand are opposite. For example, a left-handed person with a dominant right eye. This may cause misalignment and decreased accuracy in archery.

Can Cross-Dominant Archers Still Compete At A High Level?

Yes, cross-dominant archers can still compete at a high level. It may take more practice and adjustments to find the correct technique. Many successful archers are cross-dominant.

What Are Some Tips For Cross-Dominant Archers To Improve Their Accuracy?

First, determine your dominant eye. Then, either learn to shoot with your non-dominant hand or use an eye patch to cover the dominant eye. Adjusting your head position and grip on the bow may also help improve accuracy.

Are There Any Special Equipment Or Accessories For Cross-Dominant Archers?

Certain companies offer bows with reversible risers for cross-dominant archers. Additionally, eye patches specifically designed for archery can be purchased. However, these options are not necessary and can often be overcome with proper technique.

Can Cross-Dominance Be Corrected Or Changed?

In most cases, no. However, it is possible for some individuals to train their non-dominant eye to become dominant through regular practice and exercises. It is not recommended to try and force a switch in dominant eyes as it can cause headaches and eye strain.


With the tips and techniques mentioned above, cross-dominant archers can overcome the challenges and maximize their potential in archery. By understanding their eye dominance and adapting their form accordingly, they can improve their accuracy and consistency. Experimenting with different anchor points, grip, and sighting techniques can also help in finding the best set up for their unique situation.

Additionally, regular practice and drills can train the brain and body to work together more effectively. Lastly, it’s essential to listen to the body and take breaks and stretch when needed to prevent injury. Keep in mind that becoming a skilled archer takes time, patience, and dedication.

By following these tips, cross-dominant archers can progress in their archery journey and make the most out of their valuable skill.

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