Discover Your Dominant Eye with the Eye Dominance Test

The eye dominance test is a quick and easy exam that determines which eye a person relies on more when using both eyes. This test helps to improve shooting accuracy in sports such as archery, darts, and shooting.

Eye dominance occurs when a person’s brain prefers visual input from one eye over the other. This preference is innate and does not change throughout life. If you are right-handed, your left eye usually is dominant, and vice versa. The eye dominance test is essential for shooters, hunters, and archery enthusiasts because it helps them understand their dominant eye, which can improve their aiming technique.

Knowing one’s dominant eye can also improve driving skills, especially with handheld electronic devices. In this article, we will discuss the importance of eye dominance and how to perform the eye dominance test.

Discover Your Dominant Eye with the Eye Dominance Test


Why Knowing Your Dominant Eye Is Important

Did you know that most people have a dominant eye? Your dominant eye is the one that your brain prefers to use when focusing on an object. If you’re not sure which of your eyes is the dominant one, taking an eye dominance test can help you find out.

Why is knowing your dominant eye so important? Here are a few reasons:

Enhance Your Sports Performance

If you play sports that involve aiming, such as archery, shooting, or golf, knowing your dominant eye can improve your performance. By aligning your dominant eye with your target, you can improve your accuracy and precision. Your posture and aim would adjust accordingly, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Here are some ways that knowing your dominant eye can improve your sports performance:

  • Determine the position of your head and body while aiming.
  • Know which eye to use to view the ball, target, or hoop.
  • Help with the alignment of both the dominant eye and the target.

Improve Your Accuracy

Knowing your dominant eye can also help you with daily activities, such as driving, reading, and watching tv. For example, if you are right-eye dominant, you can adjust the position of the rear-view mirror in your car to align with your dominant eye more comfortably.

Here are some ways that knowing your dominant eye can improve your accuracy:

  • Reading small print comfortably without squinting.
  • Driving with excellent field of vision.
  • Watching tv and viewing the screen without tilting your head.

Find The Right Shooting Technique

The importance of knowing your dominant eye is especially true for those who love to hunt and shoot. It can significantly impact the speed and accuracy of your shooting technique. Adjusting to the stance, grip, and position of your hands can make all the difference with the shot accuracy.

Here’s how knowing your dominant eye can help you find the right shooting technique:

  • Adjust the position of the weapon grip to achieve perfect alignment with your dominant eye.
  • Positioning your hands, head, and feet can affect your accuracy.
  • Choose the correct weapon based on your dominant eye preference.

Learning about your dominant eye can positively impact multiple areas of your life. From sports performance to everyday activities, accurate awareness of your dominant eye can help you improve your accuracy, precision, and endurance. By taking an eye dominance test, you can identify your dominant eye and make changes to your habits and routines to reflect this awareness, thereby gaining a balance of focus, concentration, and awareness.

Discover Your Dominant Eye With The Eye Dominance Test

Are you left or right-eye dominant? Most people are unaware of their dominant eye, which can influence depth perception and aiming. Discovering your dominant eye is essential for exercises that require such skills. In this segment, we will investigate the eye dominance test—a straightforward examination that can assist in determining your dominant eye.

Understanding The Eye Dominance Test

The eye dominance test is a method to determine the eye that your brain prefers when it comes to processing visual information. When you look at a distant object with both eyes open, one eye will aim more precisely than the other.

And that’s your dominant eye. Here are a few things to keep in mind while performing the eye dominance test:

  • Eye dominance does not imply that you have a dominant hand since the brain’s preference for visual information is distinct from its preference for motor function.
  • Eye dominance affects aiming abilities and depth perception, hence it’s crucial for sportsmen like archers, shooters, or golfers to know their dominant eye.
  • If you don’t have a dominant eye, that means both of your eyes are working equally well, and you’re lucky.

Various Eye Dominance Tests

Here are the two types of eye dominance tests that you can try at home:

  • Miles test: Hold a fingertip up at arms length. With both eyes open, place your fingertip over a distant object such as a picture on a wall. Close your left eye and keep looking at the object. If your fingertip remains over the item, you’re right-eye dominant. If not, your left eye is the dominant one. Repeat this examination with your right eye and close your left eye to get precise results.
  • Porta test: Make an opening full fist by stretching out your arms. With both eyes open, look at an item through the opening. Close your left eye and open it alternatively to see if the item stays in view or remains hidden behind your fist. The eye that maintains the view of the object is your dominant eye.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment with these tests in various brightness levels and environmental conditions until you’re confident.

Steps To Take After Discovering Your Dominant Eye

After taking the eye dominance test, it is essential to know which eye is dominant, as this affects several things, including shooting techniques. Here are some steps to take after discovering which eye is dominant.

Modify Your Shooting Techniques

The first thing to do after discovering which eye is dominant is to modify your shooting techniques. Shooting using your dominant eye guarantees better accuracy and precision. Here are some techniques to try:

  • Hold the gun with both hands, placing your dominant eye directly above the firearm’s sights.
  • Turn your head to position your dominant eye in line with the sights of the firearm.
  • Position your non-dominant eye so that it’s partly or entirely closed.

Benefits Of Shooting With Your Dominant Eye

There are several benefits of shooting with your dominant eye, including:

  • Increased accuracy: Shooting with your dominant eye increases your accuracy, making it easier to hit the target.
  • Improved precision: When you shoot using your dominant eye, you’ll experience better precision as you can better position the firearm.
  • Enhanced depth perception: Shooting with your dominant eye enhances your depth perception, making it easier to hit moving targets.

How To Train Your Non-Dominant Eye

Training your non-dominant eye is essential, especially when the dominant eye is not in the best position to shoot. Here are some techniques you can try to train your non-dominant eye:

  • Practice using your non-dominant eye with simple daily tasks such as brushing teeth or writing.
  • Hold the gun with both hands and position it to aim with your non-dominant eye.
  • Use an eye patch to cover your dominant eye, forcing the non-dominant eye to take over.

Discovering your dominant eye is essential in shooting, and modifying your techniques to suit your dominant eye can increase your accuracy and precision. Remember to train your non-dominant eye to have more exceptional shooting skills.

Eye Dominance And Shooting Sports

Eye Dominance Test

Do you usually shoot with one eye closed? Are you aware that you may have a dominant eye? If you’re a shooting sports enthusiast, such knowledge can be crucial. Dominant eye can affect your accuracy, so understanding your dominant eye can help you in selecting the right equipment, adjusting your stance, and ultimately, improving your shooting skills.

Let’s dive into eye dominance and shooting sports.

Shooting Sports That Require Eye Dominance

There are many shooting sports where understanding eye dominance is critical. Here are a few examples:

  • Archery: It’s critical to understand the dominant eye while figuring out which hand to hold the bow and which hand to draw the string.
  • Clay pigeon shooting: Understanding the dominant eye makes it easier to aim and hit the moving targets accurately.
  • Hunting: Knowing the dominant eye will help you choose the right equipment, such as the gun’s sighting type.

Dominant Eye Considerations In Other Sports

Knowing your dominant eye is crucial beyond shooting sports. Here are some other sports where dominant eye plays a role:

  • Golf: Your dominant eye impacts the way you align to the ball and the way you hit it.
  • Baseball: The dominant eye helps in hitting the ball more accurately.
  • Tennis: The dominant eye can impact your aim when serving the ball.

Understanding which of your eyes is dominant can improve your skills and make your performance more consistent. Here are some ways to check which eye is dominant:

  • Frame a small object such as a doorknob with both your eyes open
  • Close your left eye and see if the object stays in view. Repeat by closing your right eye. The eye that still sees the object is dominant.

Knowing your dominant eye can make a substantial difference in your performance in shooting and other sports. Understanding how to check for eye dominance and what it means can be the difference in a great shot or a lousy one.

Frequently Asked Questions On Eye Dominance Test

What Is Eye Dominance?

Eye dominance is the tendency of one eye to prefer visual input over the other. It can affect depth perception and hand-eye coordination.

How Do You Determine Eye Dominance?

There are several tests to determine eye dominance, including the miles test and the porta test. Both involve focusing on an object with one eye and then switching to the other eye.

Why Is Eye Dominance Important?

Knowing your eye dominance is important for activities such as shooting, archery, and golf, as it affects accuracy and precision. It can also impact visual perception in daily activities.

Can Eye Dominance Change Over Time?

Eye dominance usually develops early in life and remains constant, but it can change due to injury or changes in vision. An eye exam can detect any changes in eye dominance.

Is It Common To Have Different Eye Dominance Than Handedness?

Yes, it is common for a person to have a different eye dominance than handedness. For example, a person who is right-handed may have left eye dominance. This is normal and can be tested and accounted for in activities such as shooting or archery.


It is essential to understand eye dominance for accuracy and efficiency in many activities, including sports, shooting, and hunting. The eye dominance test is a quick and straightforward way to determine which eye is dominant. The test involves holding an object and pointing it at a distant object with both eyes open, and then closing one eye and then the other to see which eye stays on the object.

Once you know your dominant eye, you can use this information to improve your accuracy and performance. Understanding the test and its importance helps not only in sports but also with everyday activities such as driving, reading and writing. The eye dominance test is a simple but critical technique that provides valuable information about your eyesight and can lead to significant improvements in performance in various tasks.

Take the test today to discover your dominant eye and start improving your accuracy!

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